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My Work

These are some of the projects related to WordPress.

My Work

How do I start?

At the start of a project, we ask for 3 facts:

– Company logo
– The buttons you need on the main menu
– Directions as you need the web or a referral link, it helps us to know your taste of design you want for your website. Also you can send us a sketch to pencil that we work on the design of a custom shape.

If you don't have a link of reference this good, we can develop design proposals especially for you.

What is the payment way?

Mediante depósitos a nuestras cuentas bancarias, Plim o Yape dependiendo de la comodidad del cliente. 

Hacemos todos los cambios que necesites en la web hasta que este 100% aprobado por ti, de esta forma crearemos un proyecto saludable con nuestro servicio y tu compromiso.*


*El monto final corresponde el 50% restante de la web realizada
How many changes can I request?

It's necessary! We will create design proposals and recommend what is best for your business based on your feedback, or feedback, we will complete the design only when we have your approval.

We only ask for your commitment and time for reviews.

Will I be able to manage my website?

Of course!

1 – Tendrás acceso al panel de control del sitio web para que puedas gestionar fotos, textos y mucho más.

2 – we will give You access to our customer area, here I share video tutorials of how you can manage your new web site. The videos have a length of 4, 7 or 10 minutes.

3 – También puedes contar con nosotros para actualizaciones y soporte técnico. Para solicitar modificaciones* en tu sitio o para consultas escríbenos a soporte@angorapublicidad.com

What is the monthly cost?

Not there!! No there are not commissions from sales or the costs of maintenance. 

The fees are only for putting together your website and leave it running as we agreed. 

You're just going to have to pay to renew the domain hosting and after a year to keep online your website.

Do you still not have a website?

Realizamos webs personalizadas, contáctanos:  hola@angorapublicidad.com